Monday, September 20, 2010

Our first goal!

So, we decided to sign Annde up for one more term of soccer. Last season (spring) was such a disaster! We would start with the tantrum the minute I said that it was time for practice. She would cry about going to games. Annde HATED it. I was afraid she really hated the sport, which I spent so many years playing myself, so when I talked to her about it before signing her up again, I was surprised she wanted to play. Her requirement? Not the same team. The coach last year was horrible. I can say that as I have been around coaches for a long time. The only thing he cared about was scoring and stopping them from scoring. He often mentioned that he thought it sucked that they don't keep score at this age. And, that's how he coached the team. We would practice scoring in relay teams. Loser runs a lap. The girls touch the ball (to get it out of the net) - run a lap. He would congratulate the girls during/after the game for scoring (of which Annde never did) even if they took the ball away from their own teammate to do it. We made her finish the season so she understood that if you agree to be a part of a team, you follow through. Needless to say, I was thankful when the season was done.

This year, to avoid that coach entirely (who emailed me to find out why Annde was playing, by the way - my response was that we decided to play in a closer league...), I signed up for Burke Athletic Club. A bit more expensive (with the uniforms) but SOOOO much better. Annde has already learned to properly dribble, how to stop the ball and change direction, throw the ball in, head the ball, and how to play as a team by spreading out and passing. They are obviously just starting out (this is week 3) but the focus is on team, not scoring. It makes me happy! And Annde seems to be enjoying it too... The two coaches are FABULOUS!! They take the time to work with the girls and there's lots of individual praise. The only laps they run are for warm-up and the practice, while chaotic at times, is always fun.

Annde loves to run so whenever she gets an opening like this, she's super fast. When there's s crowd around the ball, she tends to back off...

I love her face in this pic. The girl was elbowing her to keep her away from the ball - Annde did take it from her, by the way.
Even Meg enjoys the games!!

Annde didn't score once all last season. On Saturday's game, she got her first goal. She was very surprised it went in. She just stood there, turned to look at me, and smiled like, "Did that really go in?" Her confidence went way up and she seemed to be more into it. I hope this carries on to next week...

We might not sign up again in the Spring if Annde doesn't want to, but I am glad she's having a good time now.

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