Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Belated Mother's Day


I survived... but just barely! What an eventful week.

Mega Meet was awesome (and expensive if my credit card is telling the truth)... It was fun to be a part of. I got to see some old friends, do some great shopping, and experience the life of retail. I had a great time and I got some fabulous stuff... Look for it to show up here in the next month or two.

The Scrap for A Cure fundraiser came out much better than I had hoped. We had about 20 people there and I believe everyone left with a prize - including me! {I won 2 raffles and 2 auctions. I really wanted that beach bag for the trip next week and I won. AHAHAHA There was no chance I was going to lose it!} I taught two classes: Scrapbook 101 and Using Sketches. Both classes seemed to go over well with the participants so that had me very excited. We had entries for every one of the 5 scrapbook challenges and got to give away some great prizes. Best of all, Tracy was able to raise quite a bit of money towards her 3-Day goals. We have 2 more to do and I am very confident we will be able to get Tracy, her Mom, and my sister to their fundraising goals so they can participate in the 3-Day! Thanks to everyone who donated prizes for the fundraiser. I truly appreciate everything!!Then, Sunday was Mother's Day. My hubby and daughter treated me to yellow tulips, a necklace with earrings, and breakfast at Panera. After church, we hung out, took a nap, and made dinner together. It was relaxing and fun. I wish we could have gone outside to ride Annde's new bike but it was pouring!!! So, we decided to do a Mom's Day redo in June, complete with brunch and the bikes. I can't wait... :) I also bought myself 2 Mother's day gifts: Lisa Bearnson's new book: 50 Moments that Matter Most and some scrapbooking clothes {a shirt that reads "be nice to me or I will crop you out of my pictures" and a sweatshirt that reads "scrapbook queen" on the back"}. The book is sooooo inspiring! I recommend it to all scrapbookers!

Well, so long for now. I must grab some grub cause my tummy is very grumbly!

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