Monday, May 5, 2008

Whew! I need a day off from my *EXCITING* weekend...

This weekend was FABULOUS! (My new favorite word...)

My hubby surprised me on Friday night when he took "his girls" out to eat at Applebee's. (They have 4 things on the menu that Annde will eat...) It was a fun and relaxing. I came home and packed my stuff. It was a good thing too because at 3am, we lost power. {Apparently a branch came down on a power line 4 houses down.} And, the dork we live next to decided to start his generator... at 3 AM! Does he really think his refridge couldn't stay cold for 4-5 hours without power so that the rest of the neighborhood could get a few more hours of sleep? ARRGGHH!! Some days, I really want to punch a hole in that damn thing it's so freakin' loud! He ran it the rest of the night and all day until 5pm when the power came back on. And he wonders why he didn't get invited to our little picnic last night!

So, after little sleep, my hubby got up and took my daughter shopping. Yep, Daddy Daughter shopping day. And it went really well. I was surprised because I expected at least one meltdown from one of the them and it really didn't happen. He took her to Osh Kosh and he said it was a "kid in a candy store" - oh no! Is this what I have to look forward to? A clothes hound? - she saw the sundresses and took off... tossing them over her shoulder to my Mom-in-Law and saying, "I want this!" and "This too!!"... then it was socks and undies and shorts and shirts and soon, Dad was $100 poorer. And it took a total of 15 minutes!! ahahaha Then, while they were shoe shopping, she found a mirror on the bench, sat down, pulled the colored lip balm out of her little Easter Purse {she took it along to hold her "Mommy day $" and 5 of her Favoritest Pets (Little Pet Shop)} and proceeded to look in the mirror while smearing lip balm all over her lips (and face of course). My hubby, Mom-in-Law, and Pop-in-Law were laughing their butts off but didn't take a single freakin' picture!! I even sent the pocket-sized camera with him and all 3 of them own camera phones! Sigh... I'll have to find another way to scrap it... :)

Where was I, you ask? I was at the Scrapbook Zone's 6th Anniversary Crop Party! It's the first time I've scrapbooked in a store and it was awesome. I sat with Stacy (my DT buddy), two of her friends, and my BFF, Tracy. We had a great time. I will post what I got done as soon as I finish journaling them (tonight). I only got a mini-album for my sister and 3 pages done but I had so much fun doing the make-in-take and the games (I was the only member of our group not to win! Sigh!!). I will definitely do that again!! :)

After church on Sunday, I planted hostas (thanks, Mom-in-Law!) and went to the silly Neighborhood Membership meeting. I have to go or I can't buy a key for the "Park"... where we drop our boat for the summer... It's a 2 acre park with picnic areas, playground, boat ramp, docks, etc. I say it was silly because sometimes, okay... every year, someone says something that I can't believe they actually said or believe. This year's winner was, "My 18 year old son is responsible enough to have a bonfire with his friends without supervision throughout the summer. After all, this park is an extension to each our backyards, right?" Okay... first of all, that's great you think your child is responsible. Can you REALLY say the same thing about all his friends? Can you really say that all of them should be able to set a large fire in a lush area (although there is a small fire pit) and that with peer pressure, there will be no funny stuff or drinking going on? Are you sure that they will properly put out this fire each and every time? If you are so convinced, keep the bon fire in your own real backyard... not in mine! I could not believe they discussed this for 1/2 hour and then passed it! The park closes at 10pm and the sun goes down at 9-ish. Is someone really going to have a bonfire in 1 hour? AHHAHAHA Next year, I am going to put forth a motion to ban all bonfires unless a board member is present and it ends on time. It will piss off this family and probably a lot of others, but what the heck! I don't like the idea of fire during the summer... We've had enough accidents in this world with underage drinking...

Sunday night, the barbeque with the other-side neighbors - Tim & Jan & Nickie & Kyle - went well! There was so much food and fun. Definitely something to repeat! We ate steak, chicken, shrimp (all but me and Annde), potatoes, corn, asparagus... Everyone was very full and very relaxed by the time it was time to call it quits. It's so nice to have a neighbor to share fun experiences like this on. When we move, it will suck that we can't bring them with!

Well, I'm off but I will try and post my stuff from this weekend with the exception of the mini-book. {My sister deserves to see it first!! I'll post it Friday...} I have to do nametags for the crop this weekend, Steph-style! You can check out her stuff at the Homegrown Hospitality link to the right... She's got the cutest tote bags for sale too... check out the link on her page. I am definitely getting one for me!

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Healthy Home Maker said...

Saturday was great! I was in the company of Jana and Stacy -- two amazing scrappers with so much to share. I made the biggest page blunder of my life -- thought the whole thing woudl have to go in the trash ... and they saved it! And no one will ever even know by looking at it. I am so in love with un-du now.

Thanks for an amazing day, Jana -- it was fantabulous!

I can't find the bag for sale on her site .... and I do soooooo love bags!