Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm back from the Beach...

I am sooooo tired and a little bit red too!

Being on a relaxing vacation with absolutely no plans was totally amazing. Sitting on a raft and floating in the Bay off Virginia Beach was so fabulous, especially when it was coupled with catching up with old friends! (the sunburn was worth it!) The Sangria, sun, and sea were great embellishments to the perfect scrapbook page involving a weekend full of firsts: Annde's first trip to a Beach, Annde's first 2 mile nap on Mom's shoulders, and Jana's first crab bite! All in all, very cool. Look for pics to come. I couldn't decide tonight which ones of the 400 pictures (in 2 days) that I took would be the best to post. I'll save that for later this week. The phrase of the week was definitely: "My boobies are burning!" (Tim got very toasty, and it wasn't just due to the Sangria!)

As normal, the first day after a vacation was horrible and left me wishing I had stayed in Virginia. The crap hit the fan, sending my calm blood pressure through the roof. Sigh! Maybe I should take Robin's suggestion to move there... or maybe Florida. They have nice beaches too!

The good news from today is that my friend had her baby - Amy, Chris and sister Anna were blessed on Sunday with healthy 10 pounder they named Kevin. The delivery was unexpectedly quick and everyone is already home. Congrats!!

I did finally hear back from my sister on her mini-book... She loved it! Here it is for you to see... She can't wait to add pictures to it as both embellishments on the pages and as new pages by themselves. I just love the blackboard chipboard and the EK success line of Harley stuff is great for any female biker to use! :) I love the name of her team: Bikers for Boobies! The Susan G Komen initials actually form the bike. Very clever!!
Well, off to bed... Hopefully, I can catch up on some sleep! :)

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Susie said...

that is SUCH a cute photo of your daughter.