Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Catching up on Suzanne's Blog Challenges (22-27)

So, I just found Suzanne's Blog O Scrappy Day and she listed some really cool questions for a blog. I am quite a few weeks behind but I am going to try and catch up... You should do it too! Think of all the great layouts you can do with the journaling already done!!

So, here's the first one...

BC #27: Think about your life. Write a'want ad' or 'lost and found ad' for something personal that you normally wouldn't see in a 'want ad' or 'lost and found ad.'

WANTED: MORE TIME. MWF is looking for more time to get everything done. Unless she finds more time in the day, she might lose her position as the SuperWoman team captain. Time must be found between 10pm and 12midnight so she can still get some sleep time. She wants to create more, read more, relax more... So, if you have some time to spare, please respond as soon as possible.

BC#26: What spice in a spice rack best represents you? Describe it.

Hmm... I guess I would say Emeril's Seasoning (it's not one spice, but it works for me!).

I love this seasoning... it full and robust, with lots of different flavors to enjoy. I would have to say that I am the same way. I can be very fun and fiesty. But, I am known to be hot headed and stubborn. I think that each one of us has lots of layers and I like to think that my layers make me a more interesting person. Sometimes, I can be a little too hard to handle but that doesn't mean that the slow, deliciousness on the other side isn't completely worth it.

BC# 25: Write about something once experienced while visiting a favorite town or city. Was the specific experience the reason that makes it one of your favorites? If not, write about what what it is that makes it your favorite town or city.

My favorite place to visit... hmmm... I don't really have one favorite place to visit that is a town/city. I love Chicago - the hustle and bustle, the downtown, the arts, food, and shopping... oh, and the majority of my family lives there. I used to love to go to Chicago for the Taste (July 4th). The food and atmosphere was so energetic! Plus, I love the aquarium and the Natural History Museum and the Magnificant Mile... I love that I can see most of my Aunts & Uncles & cousins in one trip and that it's only 5 hours away.

BC# 24: Choose a topic. (Weather, children, school, work, etc.) Write three sentences that begin with the words 'I'll never forget...' Then use one of your sentences in a paragraph, poem, or longer descriptive piece.

Topic: My kidlet
3 sentences:
I'll never forget... how you felt in my arms the first time
I'll never forget... how you can hug me so tight and make me feel that the world is perfectly at peace.
I'll never forget... that feeling of pride when you showed me how well you write your name.

It seems so easy for me to do...
I do it 100 times a day.
But learning how can be very hard,
now matter what I say.

I will never forget how proud I was
the first time you showed me:
Your name was clearly written
for all the world to see!

{I know, I know... kinda dorky - maybe that's why I am an engineer! But hey - it would be great on a page, right?}

BC # 23: What's the first movie you remember seeing at a theater? Write about how you felt it... the movie, the big screen, the volume, the crowd, etc. Do you enjoy going to theaters now? What is the last movie you saw at a theater?

I think it was Star Wars (one of them). It's not really clear, I was only about 10 years old. It was very loud and hard to watch the whole screen but I loved it. I do enjoy going to the movies now - but it's so freakin' expensive that we don't do it very often. By the time you pay the sitter for 4 hours ($30), the entry fee ($20), popcorn and a drink ($12), you are out over $60 and that doesn't even include dinner! We try to do date night once per month and usually go to a movie. Although, for the life of me, I can't remember the last one since there really hasn't been anything out that we have both wanted to see for a while.

BC #22: Write about something you did during summer that kids today-for better or for worse-probably don't do anymore.

This one is easy - go out and play. I remember as a kid just yelling to Mom we were going outside and off we went on our bikes, without every saying where or what time we would be home. There were no cell phones and my neighborhood only had one payphone - up at the school - but it wasn't like I had any money! Summer was full of fort building, rock climbing, bike riding, swimming, and just hanging out. Being inside was boring! We didn't have a game system until I was 10 and it was only an atari. The TV only had 5 channels and they showed soaps and infomericals all day. While our children might not be as safe as before and I cringe at what my mother was probably thinking as we dashed out the door... I still think that we were in better shape / healthier and happier than a lot of the kids now days. I try to get my DD out as much as I can so she doesn't become accustomed to playing inside on the computer/watching TV.

Well off for now... Post a comment if you are going to participate in the challenges - I would love to read your answers!! More later...

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I enjoyed reading this- I brings me back to some of my memories too~ thanks