Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More of Suzanne's Blog Challenges

Oops!! Fell behind in Suzanne's blog challenges again!! Here's the next three...

Number 28: How cold is too cold? Describe the perfect winter day for you.
Hmmm... about 20-25 degrees with no windchill. A little bit of nip in the air, snow on the ground - good packing snow for sledding or snowman building - and the sun in the sky. This was how it was growing up in NM- when we got snow - we got lots but there wasn't the windchill to go with it. You could go outside and really play without freezing off any vital parts. Here in Michigan, everything revolves around windchill - why do they even bother saying, "the temperature will be..." when they immediately follow it up with,"... but it will feel like... due to the windchill factor." For me, too cold is anything -10 and below... I can hack it but I dislike it and it makes me feel like packing up and moving south!

Number 29: What's a daily activity you must do that's not one of your favorite activities? Be specific. Once you have it, write about something that is worse than whatever activity you thought of.
Hmmm... normally I would say something like going to work but really, that's not that bad... I guess it would be a toss up between "being yelled at by my customer just because they can and they like to do so" and "shaving my legs".
What would be worse? Being unemployed. Growing up, we had this issue at our house for periods here and there and it was horrible. It isn't about the money - it's about the feeling of uselessness, about not being good enough to keep your job, about hopelessness about finding another job when the future looks so bleak.

Number 30: It's Christmas in July! Post a holiday creation that you made and describe in detail the materials used and any special techniques you used.
This one is easy - especially since it didn't say *NEW* (because I don't have any X-mas left, I don't think, to scrap)...

This was a funny layout I did about my daughter getting My Little Ponies for Xmas and how everyone spent ALL day playing with them... Since I didn't give myself much journaling space, I want to think about the words to use... I love the fact that I have this really bright layout in the middle of all my Christmas pages... I individually placed each piece of bling and glued into place. I trimmed around the pictures to get rid of the distracting backgrounds.

Products used: Paper (Provo crafts), Bling (CTMH), Flowers(Misc including CTMH), Acrylic Letters (Oriental Trading), Buttons (Close to My Heart), Photo Corner (Heidi Swapp), Ribbon (Misc), Tag (Luxe), Ribbon slide (MM?).

Here's another one. I didn't use any special techniques other than I used minimal embellishments and no overlapping - not my normal style! :)

The title reads: Believe in Christmas Magic

The embellishments read: tag arrow: Date: Dec 2005, Notes: Miss Lynne's Xmas Party HO HO HO!! while the ribbon reads "Seasons Greeting", and the 3 small stickers (Right top) read "Believe, Memory, and Magical"

My journaling reads:The magic of Christmas is so special... When you become a parent, the holiday seems to take on new meaning: full of touching moments and love abounds. It is one of my favorite holidays, not because of the presents and my birthday, but because the season creates memories that last a lifetime. For your 1st Christmas, you blessed us with rolling over for the first time. I still remember the moment clearly. For your 2nd Christmas, you weren't too interested in opening gifts. You just wanted to walk around and check things out. When it came time to sit on Santa's lap, you shied away from him in fear... So, this year, I was really hoping that you would get it: the spirit of Christmas, in all its wonder, would wash over you. This year, your first Santa experience was at your daycare Xmas party. And, as I hoped, it was magic! When Santa walked in, you were mesmerized by him: you fought to sit next to him, let him twirl you around, sat on his lap, even danced like a crazy reindeer when he asked! You were completely enamored for the bearded guy with a twinkle in his eye... What a wonderful time I had watching you experience this. I know that I will remember this wonderful, magical moment forever. I am so glad that you believe in the Christmas magic!

Products used: Paper, Ribbon: Close to My HeartRub-ons: Heidi Grace, Deja ViewsStickers: Heidi GraceTag: Misc? Adhesive: TomboInk: Zig

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