Thursday, July 31, 2008

I've got more important things to do than my "TO DO" list anyway...

Wanna see a box of blocks that really rocks? Well, my best friend Tracy had a 3-Day Breast cancer crop last weekend, hosted by a very generous and wonderful woman, Katie Hovanec. This crop was VERY successful and we wanted to make a really nice thank you gift. I had seen a block project last year and made up kits for the Christmas cookie exchange. Sadly, due to schedules and sickness, that exchange never happened so we decided to take one of the kits and then "spice it up" with some additional embellishment for Katie's gift. They came out FABULOUS! I totally need to make a set for myself.

I want to thank everyone who came to this fundraiser! We have another one in August and another in October. FUN! FUN! FUN!! Feel free to post a comment if you would like information on attending and I will get it out to you...

On another note - Diana, you won my RAK from A WHILE ago... can you email your address to me? I would like to get your gift out to you!!

On to much more - I am just full of fun today, aren't I?
The last challenge of the SCRaPDaNGo contest was this week and man! It was a difficult one!! You really don't realize how much extra stuff goes on a page until you can't use it. This challenge was super hard for me to do... I just love to embellish!

We were allowed to use: 5 different patterned papers, 4 different pieces of chipboard, 3 different buttons, 2 colors of cardstock, and 1 5x7 picture of ourselves scrapbooking.
Here's the "kit" I made for the challenge:
We were allowed to use pen for journaling - so I chose to do my journaling in true Jana style - I doodled! Otherwise, no ink, no stitching, no nothing other than the tools (sanding, cricut, etc...)Here's "the list" of what I scrapbook... I took little squares and punched them so that they look like I tore them out of a notebook. However, someone said they look like the side of a film strip - so which ever idea you like better, go with!
Here's the final page:

I am still not sure that my list didn't get me DQed. I see the doodles as part of the journaling but I can also see how other's might not agree with me. After debating internally for several days, I made the decision to leave it as is and risk the DQ because while I would love to scrap from Dango, I need to stay true to myself. The blocks basically showwhat I scrapbook and then it moves into me stating that I scrapbook to re-live, rejoice, and give thanks for living my life right now. The announcement will be on Monday so I only have to wait a few more days... It was an amazing contest which 24 of us participated in from start to finish, through 4 rounds of multiple challenges. There were some amazingly talented folks so it's going to be a tough choice....

Lastly, although I went back and forth a couple of times on doing it, I did submit my 5 layouts for the Masters contest. I know that the chances of me winning are like 1% but I also know that you can't win or complain if you didn't participate. It's a dream of mine to win so I will just keep trying. I did my "I believe" page as "The Time is NOW!" - a page about how I believe the cure for breast cancer will be found in our lifetime. I do strongly believe that because everyday, someone contributes money to the research and those scientists are so dedicated! They have to be close... MM will announce the team around the 22nd of August. Maybe, just maybe, I will have good news! Good luck to everyone else who entered!! I truly loved each of my pages but I can't show them to you or I will get DQed.... Wouldn't want to do that, eh?

Well, I am off for now. We're taking the kidlet to see "Give a Mouse a Cookie" tonight on stage so I have to get going... Got lots to do before then!! :)

Do you know where the title of this post came from? It's from Sugarland's "Do" song. I am thinking that it would be a fun way to start my posts so look for other song titles in the future...

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