Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In the end... it's been a good day!

We got up this morning and dropped my car off at the dealership. It was depressing because the car isn't even 3 years old yet/just hit 50K miles and we've had to:
1. Replace the front brake pads AND rotors 3 times, as well as the wheel cylinders in the back, the pads in the back, the Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU), and the rear hub/antilock brake harness.
2. We've had 4 oil leaks - this most recent one was the head gasket.
3. Replace the ignition twice as well as the keys and fob twice.
4. New seat belts in the back seat.
... and I won't even mention the fact that the antenna is being held on by who knows what (plastic piece that's supposed to hold it broke but they won't cover it and it's $142 to replace!) and the tailgate started rusting after 3 months... or that my 3 year old - in one try - pulled the cover off the lighted mirror on my driver's side shade. Sigh! What a hunk of junk! Then, they told me this morning that I have only 10k left on my warranty. I know that I paid to put it up to 80K or 100K when I bought the car - since I drive soooo much! So, I have to go argue about that too!

I just can't believe all the problems I have had with this car. I can add up all my prior cars together and they still don't add up to the list above. And that's 4 cars - one of which was 150,000 miles when my parents gave it to me!

PLEASE - anyone who reads this - DON'T BUY A GM EQUINOX!! {Or as my coworkers call in "CRAP IN A BOX" or "REJECTONOX"}

But - the day did turn around for me... We went to the Zoo and took neighbor Nickie with... We had a blast! Annde and Nickie were excited about all the animals, even the ones that were asleep. It was just so relaxing and fun out there in the sun. I'll post pics when I finish the layouts! AHAHAHA

Then, I got back to my computer and found that CC has updated their site with my GDT role... Yippee!! I can't wait to post my pages... I think they are really different and fun! Plus, the new stuff is in (August pre-orders) and my July stuff is on it's way soon... Hopefully I will get it in time for the Scrap Retreat with Tracy. We're totally loving the idea of going away for a weekend together. Gotta get kitting!

Well, I am off to sit in the backyard and read while Annde gets crazy in the sandbox with Nickie!
Hope everyone has a peaceful afternoon!

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