Monday, July 7, 2008

Recovery from a Rockin' Week!

This week was so crazy but relaxing... I needed a vacation from life - I didn't work. I didn't scrap. I just went with the flow... I read 4 books and spent time with my family, enjoying being together. Sometimes, we all need to recharge our batteries - our outlook, our energy, our creativity. This week was that week. I felt like I was burning a candle at both ends and in the middle and now... I have it cut into several pieces and each one is burning brightly but under control.

I admit that I didn't leave it all behind - I did take 400+ pictures in 4 days. AHAHAHA {I have to have something to scrap in Chesaning!} Here are some of them:

Our first day it was kinda cool and rainy. Annde and I spent some quality time outside together - in sweatshirts and jeans!! In June!!

We also spent a day at the Zoo with neighbor Nickie! It was a lot of fun because Nickie really took Annde through the zoo... telling her about animals and getting excited about all the different sites. I laughed my butt off at the bulldozer display. (Annde actually told me to take the picture.)

Another crappy day, weatherwise - forced us back indoors where we spent time at the mall. Annde wasn't feeling too hot - she had her 4 year checkup, complete with shots - so she was not too excited and ended up coming home and sleeping for 2 hours.

Then, dawn arrived on July 4th and the little one jumped out of bed to discover her goodies: She got Little pets, playdoh, books, puzzles, work-in books (learning to write/math/etc), a webkinz, and girly goodies from Mom and Dad, as well clothes, art supplies, sugar cookies,princess stuff, books, and various other trinkets from the rest of the family. Can you guess her favorite gift?

Of course, no birthday of Annde's would be complete without a parade and fireworks! This picture is for Uncle Bob, our family police officer. Annde was so proud of her Bob Badge. She got it at the parade - the Sheriff is running for re-election (as is most of the offices in this state and country) so every other float/entry was political. It still was cute! We also did a friend's house for the afternoon bbq and fireworks. She stayed up right until we pulled in the driveway at midnight.

Of course, we spent A LOT of time on the water: 3 of our days were water soaked. 1 of them was just us while the other 2 were spent tied to the neighbor's pontoon - forming our own island of fun. Everyone swam and tubed and burned (except Annde - I got parent points for that one!!). We went through an entire container of sunscreen in just 3 days! Here are some of the cute shots.

This week is going to be super busy - Annde's Bday Party is Saturday (pray for no rain - 30% chance predicted!!) and then the following week, I am going on my first scrapbook retreat with my BFF Tracy and my hubby is taking Annde fishing and camping overnight with Uncle Kevin (also a first). Good thing we have 2 cameras, eh?!

I am going to scrap tomorrow night so look for some cute stuff in the near future! Y'all have a great week!!

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