Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just About Recovered!

So, I am back from the 3 day retreat and I am just about recovered from the lack of sleep and too much laughing. (like the pic? We laughed pretty hard about this one... :) ) I got to sit with my BFF Tracy as well as some new friends, Tracy and Heather... We had so much fun!! Who knew you could laugh that hard at 3:30am over the stupidest stuff?

Here is 3 of the 4 of us... (Tracy, Heather, and Me) We were totally crazy! (It helps that Heather manages a Starbucks and makes a mean cosmo!!)

I didn't get a whole lot accomplished (it's quality not quantity, right???) but I got what I needed to get accomplished completed. About a year ago, we went on a cruise with a bunch of Steve's frat brothers. It was an absolute blast. For the last year, I have been working on a mini book for me and one of those frat brothers, Kevin. I admit it - I was completely slacking and just needed to get it done. Now it's 95% there. All I have left to do on either book is journal. I'll try to do that this week and post some pics. The albums (Mine is 9x7 and his is 6x6) came out really cute. I think mini books are a fabulous way to document a trip when a 12x12 layout or two won't be enough. :)

I also splurged while I was there and got a pedicure. She used some aromatic oil on them at the end - that's why they're shiny. It felt awesome!! It would have looked awesome too... if I didn't break the little two AGAIN on my right foot. (see the bruising around it and up the toe next to it? I tripped over Annde's solid wooden stool for like the two hundredth time. Oh well!! That's break number 4 in that toe - that's why it angles out and then in - the bones healed that way the last time.

Here are some of the things I can show you that I did... I still need to photograph or finish the rest. This is a page I did for my All About Me book about my love to read... I also used it to show how much fun I have laying in our back yard while Annde plays on her swingset, reading a good book.

This page I did to remember about the tornado that went through. Originally I was going to scrapbook this as "Annde's first tornado" but decided instead to scrapbook it about my experiences with severe weather on Tracy's suggestion. The date is still in pencil because I need to confirm that it was the right date.

This is a page I did for Round 3 of the Scrapdango Challenge contest. I had to use the following to do a page:
* Red and Green as the dominant colors - any shade of either color
* Could not be holiday themed
* Needed to use at least 5 pictures - I used 21!
* One of the pictures had to be larger than 4x6
* The layout needed to be a 2-page 12x12 layout.

It's kinda hard to see here and not lose any of it. If you want a closer look, check it out at the challenge site here. I tried a new product on it - glaze writers... They are fabulous! You get the look of an embossed image without the embossing mess!

Well, that's all for now. I will put up pictures of Annde & Dad's camping trip tomorrow (still have to pull them off the camara.)... They got rained on but boy did they have fun!


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Staci Compher said...

I love when the giggles get started at crops.....but it looks like you got alot done too...I love what you did with the heidi swapp stuff.....sweet!!!