Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Birthday Announcement and Good News (Edit with better layout pics)

Today, I spent time driving my generator around. It seemed to be good luck! We bought it and within 24 hours, the power was restored. I drove it over to my BFF's house to keep her freezer from ruining a boatload of food and she too got her power back. Next, I drove it over to my daycare, which has been without power since Sunday, and within 3 hours, they had power... My generator must be a good luck charm! Really, there's got to be aGPS tracking device on it for DTE to know where it is so they can get their butts in gear and stop forcing me to waste $4.00+/gal gas to run refridgerators & freezers... (Just kidding!!) The good news is that hundreds of home are finally getting power back and in turn, being able to return to somewhat normal status.

The weather people are once again issuing warnings for another storm system coming this weekend, although it's not supposed to be as bad as the prior 2. I don't know whether to believe them but this time, I have my lucky generator so we should be okay... Keep your fingers crossed!

Tonight, I screwed around in Photoshop and created this cute "Save the Date" announcement for my daughter's birthday party. I am going to send it out to the lucky guests to see if I can get the majority of them to come to the party. Really, I am just trying to get a count of who is planning on coming so that I can reserve a park if I have all "yes!" and no "no" RSVPs. {Seems like I am on a yellow kick, eh?}

Also, here's a picture of one of my design team pages for the Zone. I need to retake the pictures for the others as well as the minibook... The color is just coming out kinda funky! (as you can see from these pages...) *** EDITED!!! Reloaded with better pics... MUCH BETTER! :) ***

I did the first one for my BFF Tracy - it's her boys when they were a whole lot smaller and the younger one is trying to learn to crawl. I did the page 2 ways - one is for A's book called "I will show you!" and the other is for K's book - called "Can you show me?" I redid an earlier layout (3 product challenge) to finish this layout... I just couldn't handle not using brads/eyelets for the flowers... I also added a bunch of stickles and some rubons too... I like it much better than before!More layouts, including my Virginia Beach minibook will be up tomorrow so enjoy! Feel free to leave a comment! I love to read them!!

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