Monday, June 16, 2008

It was a Fabulous Father's Day!

This weekend was jammed packed with activities. I swear that we always mean to have a "relaxing" weekend and all our good intentions go right out the window!

For Father's day, Annde wanted to take Steve to the circus and Steve wanted to take Annde on the boat. So, we compromised: we did the circus on Saturday and the boat on Sunday. The circus was a money-sucking experience but it was what it was. (Annde wasn't overly impressed and other than the elephant ride, it was just "okay" to her.)
The boating was much better! There's just something about that first time on the water each season... and yesterday was the first time the boat went out this year. It was running in great condition for the first time in a really long time. We zipped around a bit, pulled Steve, Annde and me, just Annde, and Kyle (neighbor) around on the tube, and then zipped some more. Annde was totally into the bouncing and speed - she kept telling Dad that we need to go around "lots more times". The water was a little cold for swimming... so we didn't do much of that. It was still a whole lot of fun for everyone.
Here's some pics of Annde & Steve tubing... (doesn't she look so enthusiastic? She was annoyed we were going faster for her...)

Steve is saying today that "he's sore"... well, duh! He's not exactly young anymore. Besides, I was driving and let's just say that I am kinda mean to tubers... I like to speed up, slow down, and make lots of turns. At least he didn't lose his pants like poor Kyle (cargo shorts with a snap and zipper just don't hold up on the water. He was a really good sport about it all)...

Since it was just Father's day yesterday, I wanted to post some thoughts on that.
This picture (below) is my dad with my niece, Eme. I know that things between us aren't always smooth or easy - we don't have a lot in common - but I do appreciate him a lot. I was happy that last night, we talked for an hour and a half and didn't snipe at each other once. It was genuinely a great conversation. I know that I'm lucky to have a father who really loves us kids and grandkids... he might struggle a little bit with relating to us but he really does care. It makes me a little sad to know that Annde won't get to see him for a while... maybe Christmas. It's one the hardest things about living 3000 miles away. So, here's to you, Dad...

Steve and Annde had a really good weekend too... I know it's hard for both of them with him on the road all the time. He wants to be with her but can't and she can be very "mommy-girl" which makes him sad. I pray that one day, we can stop this whole "job-out-of-town" thing some day. I know that Steve and Annde's relationship would bloom! He tries so hard with her... so I was very happy that the weekend went really well. Happy Papa's day, Steve!!

One last thing... and this might embarrass Annde later in life. She's laying on Dad's chest last night eating ice cream (common love between Steve and Annde) and she drops a drop of ice creme on her shirt. She turns to Dad and says, "Brrr! I dropped ice cream on my boobie!" to which Steve replies, "Annde, you don't have boobies yet... you're too young!" (in typical Dad fashion). Annde looks at him and says, "I do too have boobies... They're just little boobies right now." I about fell of the couch laughing as Steve laughed but tried to look stern and say, "No you don't"... Ahahahaa He is really in for it when she hits those teenager years, eh?
As for the CK thing - still working on it... I got another email back from Customer Service saying that
Dear Ms. Patterson,

We sincerely apologize that you were charged four times for these kits. Our records show two of the kits have no items. We're requesting a refund for this orders. The order numbers 1213025587.068867, and 1213025120.006998 are currently en route to you. If you do not wish to receive the third order please refuse, once we receive this order we'll refund you for the third order. We sincerely apologize for any delay or inconvenience this has caused.
Customer Service
I got some great advice from Jen at CC that I should contact the bank and I made an appointment for this afternoon. They think that they can at least credit me back the money while they dispute the charges for me. I am still trying to work the Customer Service side of things as well as drafting a message to Stacy (blog) and Lisa (feedback at the KOTM site). This whole thing is just so freakin' ridiculous! I'll keep you updated.


debbiefitz said...

Glad you had a great Father's Day -but holy cow about the CK kits. WTH? Good luck getting that resolved!

Casey said...

OMG, that's horrible customer service! What's wrong with people these days? Hope it gets resolved soon!

Lauren said...

what a kick butt father's day! how fun do those pictures looK!