Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hey, my sister in law and niece are TV Stars!!

I got an email from my sister in law, Denise, who recently moved to Chandler, AZ so that her hubby, Bob, could fulfill his dream of being a Police Officer. Their daughter, Kira, has some health issues and with no family around to help out and a new job to worry about, Denise struggles with Kira being too sick for daycare but not too sick to stay home completely. Looks like she's found a solution! Check out the video (link on the right) - I wish more hospitals did this... the price is VERY reasonable!

Isn't Kira just adorable?!?! :)

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Jen D. said...

What a great idea, especially for families with nobody around to help. BTW she is a cutie.

I've been trying to catch up on posts and I'm glad to see your KOTM issue has been resolved and I think I need to read both of those books.