Tuesday, June 17, 2008

CK Updates with a bit of Chatter on each side!

I was going to post this really cool page I did last night today but I'm going to have to keep it to myself for just a little bit longer. I think I want to use it as part of my submission for Memory Makers' Masters... Anyone else out there up for the challenge of submission? I don't really think I have a chance - there are so many awesome scrapbookers out there and they do seem to favor the single picture layouts lately - but what the heck, right? You can't win if you don't try! So, I have 1/2 my application done and the rest already pretty much planned.

The page I was going to post was for Father's day and came out completely different than I had anticipated when I started. I just love working with new stuff and the Dream Street paper in the High Heels kit from Coordinates Collection worked so well with one of the vintage Hambly Screen Prints. When it's cool to post, I'll get it up. But, I will pose a question for you to answer: When was the last time you used Sepia pictures on a page? I did it on this layout for the first time and I love how it came out! It doesn't look as heritage as I thought it would. I love it!

Still no money back from Creating Keepsakes... My bank is working on it - it will take a few days to process the reversal. I finally got to someone at CK Customer Service today that was willing to work with me. Eureka! She said that they've been having issues with CK KOTM too... The problem I found is that the people who answer the phone/emails from the orders don't have anything to do with the KOTM side of the business... they deal mostly with subscriptions. ARRGGHHH!! Even the posting on the feedback on the KOTM site has not generated any response!

Anyway, she said that 2 sets of kits were delivered today. If I was to refuse one, I would get money back within 1-2 days of CK receiving it back. {Obviously, I will pay to get it there in a day or two instead of bulk which takes another week... } The 2 orders that they didn't ship but charged me for were not so simple. Apparently, the system takes 7-10 days to refund once they receive the complaint. So, they received my complaint this Monday (I called after 5pm on Friday) so I should see a check by middle of next week. Wow! It took them 3 days to take my money but over 2 weeks to pay it back? Some kind of fishy accounting going on there. So basically, I am looking at the fact that it will take me 3 weeks to clear up a stupid mistake that most companies - including the kit companies I order from - would have been able to fix on the spot. I am just soooo disappointed!! I was really looking forward to using these kits and now I don't know if I will even keep the 3 kits I did order. They were so perfect for what I wanted to use them for but I am not sure I can stomach looking at them. I do know that my KOTM/CK Media ordering days are over. I will stick with the awesome customer service at my favorite kits sites, QVC, and the local scrapbook stores. It's a shame because Stacy Julien designed such a great product! I just don't think I want to risk all this again... I did breakdown and finally email Stacy. I thought and thought about it - it's not technically her issue because it isn't her company - but I thought she should know so...

Onto a quick funny story: for Father's day, Steve decided he wanted BBQ ribs for dinner. So, I bought a couple of slabs and it was super yummy... but then there were leftovers. So, last night's dinner was BBQ pizza using the left over rib meat as well as BBQ sauce, grilled mushrooms & peppers, and blue cheese crumbles. Also very yummy... Then, I get to work today and I find out I won a free lunch from the cafeteria. Yeah!! Until I find out what the special was today... That's right, BBQ ribs! AHAHAHAHA I got a salad instead. Too much BBQ isn't too good for me... The only thing I can eat day in a and day out is mexican... Ummm... need me some enchiladas!

Hope all of you have a good day... it's just about time for me to mosey on home!

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Lauren said...

BUM!! I've had that happen to me once, that's a damper! Good luck!