Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tag!! I guess I'm it!!

Well, I guess while I am waiting for my mom (HINT!!) to get off the phone, I will follow up on the game of Tag (Round 5) I got last week...

Here's my answers:

1. 5 snack foods I love:
* pretzel chips with nacho cheese
* mini quesadilla
* fresh fruit
* popcorn - heavy on the butter
* cheese squares

2. 5 places I have lived:
* Los Alamos
* East Lansing
* Clarkston
* Waterford
* ... where ever we move after we sell the house!

3. 5 jobs I have had:
* Librarian
* Graphic Artist
* Waste Water Treatment Plant Quality Engineer
(not so glamorous, I assure you - in fact it was kinda crappy! AHAHAHA)
* Paint Quality Engineer
(I literally got paid to watch paint dry!)
* Automotive engineer

4. 5 changes I would like to make in my life:
* Lose 20 lbs. (wouldn't we all?)
* Catch up on my "Women of the Bible" study series
* Find contentment with my job or find another job which allows me to be content.
* Have another child.
* Lose my insecurity about being a "good parent".

5. 5 random facts:
* As a child, I liked veggies more than dessert
(Thank goodness, I have come a long way since then!!)
* My 2nd and 3rd toes on each feet are connected.
(birth defect from being a multiple I guess...)
* I can walk on the sides of my feet.
(VERY weak ankles from high jumping for too many years)
* I hate the word ELEGANT.
(You had to be there but it has something to do with my current job)
* The only team I have ever been cut from was when I was in 4th grade - I tried out for the competitive swim team and was cut because I swam "like a spider". I hated swimming from that day on... (I don't really swim in the lake, more like tread water and float!)

So, play along all you blog readers of mine! Post a link back to your blog so I can go read your answers!! :)

Here's to hoping Monday is full of greatness! The phone is still busy so I'm going to bed. :) Nighty-night, everyone!!

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