Thursday, June 12, 2008

Insomnia and dreams of a PEACEFUL Friday!

I noticed that I always seem to be blogging at the crack of midnight... I guess I don't need that much sleep, eh? My mind just has a really hard time shutting down for the night. It been a strange day... full of ups and downs.

Of course, work isn't going to well but when does it ever? One of my coworkers said to me today that she wishes she worked on the line at the plant I "service" for the customer. For once, I had to agree with her. In about a week, the plant will "go down" for almost 2 months - the best 2 months of the year - and the workers will be paid 95% of their salary to sit at home and do whatever they want. It's like summer vacation for adults! {Even when I had Annde and took a couple of months off, I only got 67% of my salary!} That's okay though... when they go down, they don't call me, whining about things so I guess I get a little mini vacation!

My hubby text paged me this afternoon when his flight out of Reagan (DC) was delayed for mechanical problems. Not out of the norm, I asked whether he would still be home for dinner. (Mind you, this was about 3 pm). The answer was this: "I have been sitting on the tarmac for an hour while they try to fix the problem. They decide to go back to the gate and we're stuck! We sunk into the hot asphalt and made a hole in the runway. Tug is pulling on us as engine revs but we are stuck. AHAHAHAHA" (I love the fact that we both have crackberries now and can communicate in full words like the adults we are!) How many times have you been stuck for the plane sinking into the pavement. I told him to take pictures with his phone (decent camera) and his response was "Little old lady asleep on my arm - can't get to the window from my aisle seat". Isn't he so nice? He blew that scrapbooking page right out of the water. He's making it up to me though... His company does this things called Thanks awards. He gets one every 3-4 months from someone. Basically you choose something out of the catalog (logowear and other fun stuff) and you get it for free. He's gotten shirts, jackets, backpacks, a great grilling set, a wine opener set... lots of great things. This time, nothing was floating his boat so he bought me a scrapbook kit. That's right! A scrapbook kit... It's not 100% my style but it's FREE and I could probably do something with it! :) Good job, Honey!!

I am looking forward to the weekend - Father's Day will bring many camera opportunities: We are attempting to go boating for the first time this year (maybe we can get Annde on the tube?!) as well as taking Annde to the Circus for the first time. You can pay $5 to ride an elephant... Hmmm.... Well, I paid $5 (and lost parent points probably) to let my kid sit on a live crocodile... Maybe an elephant would be fun too! We'll see... The camera is charging as we speak!

Well... I am beginning to feel tired so I am going to try and call it a night... See y'all tomorrow!

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sister suzyq said...

Hey... as I remember it - I was the one who took Annde to ride the crocodile... and She LOVED it! I vote RIDE the elephant - I would! Post the cute "Annde the Crocodile Tamer" pic here ;) Ahhhhhahahaha.

The hubby gave me the best laugh all week!