Sunday, June 22, 2008

True Love and the busy signal...

Today is my parents' 40th wedding anniversary.
(shown here with my bro Jon, his wife Cheryl and baby Ben last summer)

40 years! That's a really long time! Not so much in our family - both my grandparents made it well over 50 - but I am still really proud to say that my parents have been married for 40 years! (Of course, me with the "bad memory when it comes to date" issue thought that it was the 20th of June, not the 22nd. I called and felt like a doodoo-head on that one!)

I really think that making 40 years is an accomplishment. I mean, they made it through raising 4 kids, multiple job changes or lack of a job entirely, 5 grandkids, a couple of wars, a fire that almost destroyed our home (in addition to destroying half my hometown), countless medical issues - whether it be one of them or one of us, and so much more... And next week, they embark on a cruise (of some type... not quite sure what it is...) from Budapest to Amsterdam, with stops in Germany and Slovakia along the way.

So, Mom and Dad - since I have been trying to call you for the last HOUR, here's to you on your anniversary. {Man, Mom!! Can you hang up so I can say "Happy Anniversary" on the RIGHT day before the clock hit midnight and I'm on the wrong day again?]

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Suzyq said...

That would be me on the other end of the busy signal.... 2 1/2 hours of Mom... and not so much Dad ... telling me ALL the news. Glad it was on the free day of the week for the phone! hee hee