Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A rough week, for sure... but full of uplifting messages!

This weekend also had an awesome event for me. My daughter, my best friend and her son, and another close friend of mine all walked with me in the 2008 Race for the Cure walk for Breast Cancer. It was so inspiring to walk with 50,000 (yes, 50,000!!) of my BREAST friends! There were so many inspirational people and teams. It really brought home what a fabulous group of people live here in Detroit - to care SO much for those who can't always fight for themselves... I really hope that the money raised on Saturday finds the cure for not just breast cancer, but every other form of cancer too!! These were some pics from the day of the walk... Like the guys? They painted (I hope it was paint!!) bras on their chests. At first, we only saw them from behind and our first thought was "Why do those guys have to show off their chests at a breast cancer walk?" When they turned around, it was so amazing that I was speechless. I mean, how cool was this? I guess they were walking with a Team who didn't have enough shirts for them so they painted their chests to match the brown shirts with pink bras. Fabulous!

Otherwise, this week has been a rough one at work. It's hard... communication is definitely crucial in problem solving and when you think you have CLEARLY communicated and yet still the wrong thing occurs, it just causes you to want to pull out your hair!! Arrgghh!! A lot of really good people are stressed out right now because something that should have been simple has turned into a nightmare of epic proportions.

So, I was feeling down and I ran into a friend at work and she said, "No worries, sweetie! In the end, you still have a job, right?" The more I thought about it, the more I realized how right she is! I do have a job. It pays well - I can buy all kinds of really cool scrapbook stuff, right - in addition to putting all that freakin' $4.00+ /gal gas into my car. It's all about changing perspective, right?

One of the blogs I read regularly is Homegrown Hospitality. Stephanie has such an amazing perspective on life. Today she posted a doodle on her site with this very topic. I couldn't believe how perfectly it fit into my bad day. I printed a copy and hung it next to my computer to remind me that life isn't perfect because it's not supposed to be. And the next time, I feel like wrapping a drain hose around someone's neck, I will just read this doodle and hope it brings me to some inner peace.

Here's to hoping all of you feel some inner peace too. And, while you're at it, if you are in the Waterford area this weekend, swing by the garage sale me and my neighbor are having! :)

Off to bed!


Lauren said...

that guy picture is great!! *giggle*

Diana said...

congrat's on participating in such a great event! You are awesome!!