Friday, June 13, 2008


So I thought it would be cool to buy the Kit of the Month for my BFF's son for his birthday. May's KOTM from Lisa Bearnson was completely kid oriented and perfect for him so I ordered it. At the same time, I ordered another kit for myself that I was pretty geeked about: June's Stacy Julien kit. Well, now it's lost all its appeal!

I am now the proud of owner of 8 June Kits and 4 May kits.... or at least that's what they took out of my checking account as payment. Unfortunately, they only sent me 4 June Kits and 2 May kits. Are you confused yet? So am I!!

Here's what happened... I put in the original order (3 kits today). I unfortunately did it on Monday when there was wide-spread power issues. I was on a stable connection and there was no issues while I was ordering. So, I got to the "confirm order" screen and I confirmed, printed my receipt, and went out to lunch. When I got back, I had FOUR confirmation emails in my inbox. Four? Yep... four. 2 of them were identical with 3 kits a piece. 2 of them were blank... Completely blank! They showed my shipping address, billing address, and thanked me for my purchase of ... nothing! So, I hopped online, grabbed the Customer Service phone number and called and was COMPLETELY flabbergasted at the lack of ability on the other end of the line. Basically, they told me that they couldn't help me - once an order was placed, it was placed. I would just have to "refuse shipment and send it back and they would credit my account".

Huh? I JUST ORDERED IT! This isn't a grocery store!! There is a warehouse somewhere that gets the order, processes it, and sends it out. It's not instantaneous! So, I wrote customer service an email and this was their response:

Dear Ms. Patterson,

We apologize, we are unable to cancel your order. This item has been sent to the warehouse for delivery. If you no longer wish to receive this item, please refuse delivery. Once we receive the item returned we'll credit you for the item. If we may be of any further assistance, please let us know.

If you wish to speak with a customer service representative, please call: 1-888-247-5282.

NAME (I deleted the name to protect the poor rep who got assigned to my email)
Customer Service

So, while I was annoyed, it was only 2 sets of kits. I was mad but not overly so.

Then I was doing my online banking and found out that CK had charged my credit card FOUR times for this order - meaning that they should have shipped me 4 sets of 3 kits. So, now I am pissed... I call customer service and I am told:
1. They only shipped me 6 kits so refuse back the second shipment so that I can be reimbursed.
2. They didn't ship me the other 6 kits so I have nothing to refuse back to get paid. Instead, they will "forward my complaint to accounting". Forward my complaint? Are you kidding?!? I want my money back and I have no method to do so!!

At this point, I don't know what to do... I am half tempted to hop on Lisa's blog and Stacy's blog and tell them to read mine. I mean, their names are attached to this kit and I am completely disgusted with this whole experience!

So those of you out there - what do you think I should do? Should I email Lisa and Stacy so I can get some action because I am really mad about this whole thing. Or, should I wait and see if Customer Service is doing anything correctly? Have you ever had this issue before? Stay tuned for updates...


Rachel said...

I would get on Lisa's blog and find a contact method for her and let her know as she is the one who puts her name on all of these things! That's ridiculous and as a person who does nothing but customer service all day that is not acceptable to me!! HOpe you get this resolved!!

KimberlyM said...

I think Rachel's idea is the right on! If customer service can't/won't give you satisfaction, take it higher! Hope you get this resolved!

Jen D. said...

Ditto what the others said. You must post/email them and let them know how it's being mismanaged/handled. Hope the issue gets resolved quickly.

Stacy said...

In addition to contacting LIsa/Stacy, I'd be calling my credit card company and disputing the have your proof, so it's up to them to prove that the charge is legit on their end! I've had to do this before and the credit card companies that I've used have been fabulous & were a great help! Amex, especially. GO GET EM!!! Grr....

Table for 3 said...

Surely your bank can help get you out of the charges. I cannot even begin to imagine how mad you must be. Good luck getting it resolved quickly.

FrancineB said...

I would definitely email Lisa and Stacy concerning this matter. After all, their name and therefore their reputation are all linked to the product and the customer service or lack there of can affect them.

I would also dispute the charges with your bank and credit card.

Good luck. I hope everything works out quickly. I, for one, will not order from them due to your experience and lack of customer service you received in trying to set this matter straight.